Views on Mental Health

Many perspectives are available regarding the nature of mental illness and mental health.

The last couple of books I have read have been very anti-psychiatry and I think it is important to provide additional perspectives on mental illness.

  • A New York Times article, “Successful and Schizophrenic” is important.
  • The role that early childhood plays in adult mental health is addressed in a Globe and Mail article.
  • The NIMH published a study describing a genetic link between five major mental disorders.
  • The New Yorker piece, “Head Case,” addresses whether psychiatry can be considered a science.
  • Wired has an article, “Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness,” that is worth reading.
  • The Walrus published a piece detailing the difficulty in defining mental illness.
  • The Toronto Star has an article on the controversial changes made to the DSM-V.
  • The New Yorker also has a well-written article regarding the DSM.
  • Another New Yorker article tackles how mental illness is defined.